DNACOIN is a practical volunteer contribution, created for the eradication of HIV and Cancer. This ICO has alliance with various enterprises for the commercialization of the coin to increase its value and further its distribution. DNACOIN was born to be a ray of light that shines for patiens throughout the world suffering from HIV and Cancer, and for those lving countries such as those in Africa and ASEAN in which medical technology is poorly developed. For example, many children in Cambodia are thought to be infected with HIV through mother-to-child transmission, and every year the lives of many of these children are lost. In response, we will first establish two clinics in Phnom Penh, Cambodia which citizens can freely use for HIV and Cancer testing treatment. Siince Cambodia living in the provincial areas are not enrolled in health insurance programs, they are unable to even get tested. We will first save as many children as possible in the first year with the Kibo no Hikari Vaccine, the distinguishing characteristic of DNACOIN.

We are confident the data from this can eventually help people who are infected with HIV throughout the world. In the nest phase we will open a hospital in central Phnom Penh, where we will put the power of this vaccine to use. With cutting-edge medical technology from Japan, we will treat everyone who are suffering from HIV and Cancer, from children to adults. We will then open clinics in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Laos (in no particular order), and produce the vaccine from within in each of these countries. DNACOIN will be used around the clock, all over the world, helping to save life of children. The vaccine will also come into major circulation once hospital and NGOs around the globe come to know its effectiveness.  Our goal for the coin is not to increase its value, but rather to use it to shine ray of light on as many lives as we can. 

When are able to continuously shine this light, it will mean that the world has recognized the value of DNACOIN. Time is the one and only right which is equally bestowed upon all human. But during the time it has taken to read this, yet another person has become infected with HIV. "We have no time to lose." "This same time tomorrow, I will be using my time to make a different." DNACOIN arose from thoughts such as these. I hope we can all work together to make DNACOIN successfull.

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